When To Workout Fasted. When To Workout Fed. Plus The 10X Rule And Solving Tight Calves.

If I’m trying to lose fat and am already in a calorie deficit, fasted workouts are often subpar.

Josh Bunch


I’ve been experimenting with food for more than two decades.

Sounds weird. It’s like saying I’m addicted to food — everyone has to eat, so everyone is addicted. Similarly, everyone eats, so everyone experiments.

More concisely, I’ve been recording my meals since I was 18 years old, and I’m still not tired of trying new ways to work with the same old Calories.

Fasting or feeding before training is just one of the experiments I’ve run multiple times in slightly different ways. And here’s what works for me.

Train Fasted If …

Training fasted feels the best when I do it within three hours of waking.

My strength seems fine, my energy is top-notch, and that empty feeling hasn’t set in.

Train Fed If ..

Otherwise, I train fed if it’s been the entire night’s sleep plus several hours living life.

So, I stage my meals that way, fasting several hours after I wake up but eating something small an hour or so before training (we will talk about what to eat later).

Something else to think about …

There’s some evidence that working out fasted burns more fat. Fine. But here’s the issue: overall, you still need to be in a caloric deficit to lose fat.

That means that no amount of fasted — often subpar training — will help you lose weight if you’re not already eating less than you burn. And if that’s the case — and losing fat is the goal — then we’ll find more success paying attention to eating fewer calories overall rather than no calories before the workout.



Josh Bunch

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