Prepare For The Worst, Plan For The Best; 1 Shoulder Exercise That Makes All The Difference; And The Coffee Challenge

Plan to enjoy. Then, and most importantly, plan when your off-season ends.

Josh Bunch


Blaming myself was the easy part.

It felt good, like taking off wet socks after trudging through the rain. I became addicted.

Addicted to misery, that is. To blame. To making myself feel bad enough to stop caring because what’s the point of trying if you can’t be perfect?

Something in me resisted, and what was once an all-or-nothing state of mind became a seasonal attitude I don’t just live with.

I cultivate.

Today, I call it the off-season, and it’s where I plan to eat several “free” meals over the next three months.

What’s a “free meal?” It’s freedom to go off the reservation and eat anything I want.

It’s not yet November, and I’m already planning the specifics.

Article One
-I will gain five pounds.

Article Two
-I will eat whatever I want half a dozen times between now and February.

-I will train as I always do, consistently and intensely, and I will gain muscle.

-I will end my off-season come February and return more eager than ever.

And ya know what, it works. It works so well I’ve been doing and prescribing it for years.

Unfortunately, too many athletes overreach and fail to plan an off-season. And just like I used to do, they fail so hard it makes them okay with giving up.

So this week, grab a calendar and start preparing. I suggest an off-season during the holidays, but do what makes sense for you.



Josh Bunch

Bunch is one of those rare humans who only talks about what he knows; fitness, food, philosophy, and movies. And puppies.