Is Foam Rolling For You?; Progress Over Performance; And The Art Of Getting Up

You focus on progress when you’re finally tired of jumping through hoops and ready to get serious about making changes that matter.

Josh Bunch


Performance first.

I’ve always liked that idea. Instead of worrying over weight or obsessing over biomarkers, we practice moving better, and getting stronger. And as a result, those metrics like bodyweight and blood pressure — and many more — improve.

But what happens when focusing on performance goes wrong?

You know what I mean if you have been coaching for decades like I have. One athlete watches the performance of another and judges their own effort as subpar.

We can argue all day about the mindset shift that needs to happen and the horrors of comparison. Still, the reality is, at least at that time in their life, focusing on performance isn’t helping.

That’s when focusing on progress wins.

Progress over performance isn’t worried about the guy in my feed deadlifting 70 lb. more than me. Progess isn’t concerned with the habits of anyone I might follow or respect.

Progress over performance looks at my current level and everyday habits and asks, “How can I improve tomorrow?”

That’s it.

It’s not the easy way out; it’s an individualized approach to health, wellness, spirituality, finance — LIFE — that cancels out the noise and allows us to hear what really matters.

Does that 405 lb. back squat really matter? Or is adding five pounds to your squat within the next few months, while feeling your best, what you really want?

Does eating based on the latest fad, or dive-bombing into the next weight loss craze sound like something you’d actually enjoy? Or does learning to make better decisions that will last a lifetime seem more like your path?



Josh Bunch

Bunch is one of those rare humans who only talks about what he knows; fitness, food, philosophy, and movies. And puppies.