How Mathew Fraser’s Fourth Victory Proves The CrossFit Games Are Better Than Ever

Josh Bunch
4 min readAug 7, 2019

He did it.

After twelve Events and several cuts; he did it.

It was a dog fight, and he had to play catch-up for a while, but Mathew Fraser did what only one other human on the planet has done before; win The CrossFit Games four consecutive times.

Fraser now treads on hallowed ground. Is it possible to sneak up on a legacy and stare it in the face? Yes, it is. Fraser is doing it. What comes next, be it breaking the record or simply sharing it, is up to him.

What comes next for CrossFit, however, is anyone’s guess, as usual. But one thing is for sure; The CrossFit Games aren’t just alive and well, they’re better than ever. And Fraser’s fourth victory proves that.

Soon after the 2018 CrossFit Games season concluded, CrossFit announced a series of changes which sent ripples through the community; No more regionals. No more CrossFit broadcast. No more Facebook or Instagram.

Athletes, fans, sponsors, and affiliates were stunned. Here was a sport many of us helped build, and love dearly, seeming thrown to the wayside. Many lost faith.

Trolls and critics began lobbing doubt over the CrossFit fence. Fans began to wonder, without any media left to speak of, how they would get their Games fix. And without media, how does CrossFit accomplish it’s third most important priority: “tell the story.”

Not only that, but there didn’t seem to be anything replacing what we’d lost. Sure there were Sanctionals; but come on? Where’s the regional panache? The typical season we all know and love? The Castro Charm?

By the time The 2019 Games arrived, most had given up. We would tune in for morbid curiosity, and little else. Goliath had fallen. We’re just here for the beheading. And the comments.

We were wrong.

Arguably, The 2019 CrossFit Games were the best Games to date.

The live stream was pristine. The Events were better and brighter than ever. And even the massive changes were all but forgotten.

Many athletes and fans won’t tell it that way, though. Especially the ones who got cut or saw their favorite…



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