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  • Rob Urbach

    Rob Urbach

    Rob Urbach is the CEO at Iditarod. He is working to drive power to the state, culture, and the Iditarod and face the immense challenges that come along.

  • Donald J. Robertson

    Donald J. Robertson

    Cognitive psychotherapist, author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor (2019), featured in Forge, The Guardian. https://read.macmillan.com/lp/verissimus/

  • Gregory Sadler

    Gregory Sadler

    president ReasonIO | editor Stoicism Today | speaker philosophical counselor & consultant | YouTube philosophy guy | co-host Wisdom for Life | teaches at MIAD

  • Ram Jotham

    Ram Jotham

  • Scott Perry

    Scott Perry

    I help difference-makers invested in social impact work embrace uncertainty and navigate adversity with greater intention and equanimity.

  • William Miles Boyce

    William Miles Boyce

  • PocketStoic Staff

    PocketStoic Staff

    Ancient Stoic wisdom for modern life. Reboot your perspective.

  • Steven Gambardella

    Steven Gambardella

    The lessons of philosophy and history, their practical benefits for your life and work. Feel free to get in touch: stevengambardella@gmail.com

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