Make a list of all the positive things that might be happening in the background. Then ask yourself, ‘am I ok with losing any of them?’

If you stop playing the game every time it hurts, you’re not going to get very good.

I don’t believe the experts who say willpower is finite. In fact, I don’t believe in willpower at all.

When we finally stop hanging on to the way we’ve always done it, progress happens

Have you wasted years on a major you hate? Did you lose 30-pounds before diving face-first into a pan of delicious chocolate brownies?

You wonder what makes a man move to the woods with his Pig. And where can I get one?

Because some movies should just be about having all the fun, breaking all the rules, and kicking all the ass

Turn her loose and let her fix the world one fist at a time.

Josh Bunch

Bunch is one of those rare humans who only talks about what he knows; fitness, food, philosophy, and movies. And puppies.

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