3 Tactics I Use To Conquer The Car

Car rides are the worst. This Helps.

Josh Bunch


Holidays are about traveling. And lots of it.

Unfortunately, lots of traveling means lots of sitting. Boring, tedious, and, worst of all, painful sitting.

In fact, excessive sitting is so dangerous I spend a significant amount of my time as a coach trying to overcome its harmful effects on the body. Particularly sitting in the car.

That doesn’t mean you have to skip family vacations, though — unless you want to. Instead, give any or all of the three tactics listed below a try during your next excursion.

3 Tactics I Use To Conquer The Car


Leave ten minutes early. Then, once you arrive, take a walk.

Go as far as you’re willing, but make it count.

It’s so simple it’s almost insulting. But how many times have you arrived at your destination only to sit right back down because you’re exhausted from sitting?


Generally, Tabata intervals are twenty seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest for eight rounds.

That’s four total minutes of effort.

Select simple exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, or combinations. Turn the clock on and knock off the cobwebs right when you arrive.


Consider stopping often if you’re traveling far. And when you do, find a way to get to extension that works for you.

Focus on opening the hips, mid back, and shoulders. Camp out for thirty seconds to a minute on one or both of these exercises.



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